Veröffentlichungen von Dr. Robin Hieblinger

  • Psychologie Studium, Schwerpunkt Klinische Psychologie
    Diplomarbeit (2003)
    Thema: Fibromyalgia and Depression
  • Doktorarbeit (2012)
    Thema: The Essence of Health and Disability in Patients with Chronic Widespread Pain

Wissenschaftliche Veröffentlichungen als Erstautorin:

  1. Validation of the ICF Core Set for Chronic Widespread Pain from the Perspective of Fibromyalgia Patients. veröffentlicht in: Arthritis Research and Therapy, 2009 11(3) pR67

  2. Identification of Essential Elements of Functioning in Chronic Widespread Pain Based on a Statistical Approach. veröffentlicht in: The American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Dezember 2011

Wissenschaftliche Veröffentlichungen als Co-Autorin:

  1. Spirituality and the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health: content comparison of questionnaires measuring mindfulness based on the International Classification of Functioning.
    Martin Offenbächer, Sebastian Sauer, Robin Hieblinger, David J Hufford, Harald Walach, Niko Kohls
    Disability and Rehabilitation 04/2011;33(25-26)2434-45.

  2. Similar Problem in the Activities of Daily Living but Different Experience: A Qualitative Analysis in Six Rheumatic Conditions and Eight European Countries.
    Tanja Stamm, Robin Hieblinger, Carina Boström, Carina Mihai,Fraser Birrell, Carina Thorstensson, Veronika Fialka-Moser, Silvia Meriaux-Kratochvila, Josef Smolen, Michaela Coenen
    Musculoskeletal Care 01/2013
  3. Pain is not the major determinant of quality of life in fibromyalgia: results from a retrospective "real world" data analysis of fibromyalgia patient
    Martin Offenbaecher 1 2, Niko Kohls 3, Thomas Ewert 4, Claudia Sigl 5, Robin Hieblinger 5, Loren L Toussaint 6, Fuschia Sirois 7, Jameson Hirsch 8, Miguel A Vallejo 9, Sybille Kramer 5, Javier Rivera 10, Gerold Stucki 11, Jörg Schelling 12, Andreas Winkelmann 5
    Rheumatology International 2021 Nov;41(11)