„We are human beings – not human doings.“

Many people define their self-worth through accomplishments. In today’s society you are “somebody” if you earn a lot, do a lot, have a lot. We often forget that we are individuals with many qualities and talents. A person’s self-worth – ranging from high to low - is influenced by our many experiences, views and beliefs. Our sense of worth affects how we think and act thereby continuously influencing our experiences and interactions with others. One could say that how we feel about ourselves mirrors back to us in our interactions. Someone who has low self-worth may often feel criticized, disrespected und unloved by others. These people often compensate through focusing on performance and accomplishment – often subconsciously yearning for praise and recognition.

The therapeutic treatment of low self-worth focuses on learning to accept all personal qualities, positive as well as negative, strengths and weaknesses (which every human being has) as well as developing self-respect regardless of accomplishments.