Emotion Code

The emotion code was developed by Dr. med. Bradley Nelson from the United States with over 20 years of practical experience he created this method of identifying and solving old emotional ballast.

We all have "emotional legacies" that we unknowingly carry around with us. These are emotions caused by injuries and experiences that we could not handle.

Such trapped emotions can be imagined as small balls of energy that can accumulate anywhere in the body, preferably at weak points in the body (for example, injuries) or symbolically (for example, shoulders "I have the responsibility for all")

This creates an imbalance in our energy system. Trapped emotions can affect us emotionally and our healthiness.It can cause physical discomfort from pain to illness and mental suffering such as anxiety, restlessness etc.

By releasing trapped emotions, the body can activate its self-healing powers. Body and mind are freed from the old emotions, physical and emotional discomforts become relieved or even disappear completely.